This is awful! I hide my head in shame! Just a couple of hours after merrily declaring my intention to watch the lunar eclipse I completely and totally Forgot! Come midnight my sole concern was getting my butt to bed so I could continue reading the novel I am currently submerged in. My first thought as I came to this morning was: Oh, no! The eclipse!

I’ll now have to wait until 2007 to see the next one.

But on to more vital concerns: like the weather. Currently I can see slush on the windshields of the cars outside in the parking lot. There are puddles, fringed with white. Clouds in the sky, raindrops streaking my (now sort of clean – EPI and I scrubbed ’em) windows. Trees are a-swayin’, but only minutely, like sleepy kids. On the web the temperature is listed as -0 degrees. As opposed to 0 degrees yesterday. Yah.

On the agenda today is a demonstration downtown to protest a ruling passed recently in municipal court. In this particular case, a man got a suspended sentence in a domestic abuse case (slamming his wife against the floor so that she sustained injuries to the head; she also accused him of attempted rape, which was not proven). The ruling states that the marriage has been “stormy” from the beginning yet that the wife has never before filed charges. Also that – pay attention now – she provoked the abuse because he believed her to have cheated on him. Oh, and later it transpired that he had received a conditional three-month sentence several years ago for beating his former wife – not admissible evidence in court, but significant nonetheless.

Words fail. How completely and utterly ignorant must people be to pass such judgements?

Sunrise was at 8.59; sunset is set for 17.23.