According to a report in yesterday’s Morgunblaðið, Icelandair has repeatedly had to leave bags behind in the US recently because Icelanders shop so much that the planes [… we’re talking 757 jets] are stuffed full.*

I think it’s time to add a fourteenth Yule Lad and name him Going-Shopping-in-the-USA-Glutton. For real.

Wicked storm this afternoon. Serious gale-force winds [18-23 m/s if that tells you anything] and torrential rainfall. Then suddenly – it stopped! In the blink of an eye. Right now it looks calm as a puddle** out there, at least if the perfectly-still trees outside my window are any indication. Temps are 4°C and sunrise was at 11.03, sunset at 15.36. Oh, and the weatherman is threatening us with a green Christmas this year [red if you’re Icelandic], at least here in the capital. The north is expected to be swathed in white. [Boo. Sulk.]

* I mean, I know the exchange rate is favourable and everything, but sheesh!
** Icelandic expression. Pollrólegt. All Icelandic puddles are calm, always.