Dear all! Since late last year I have been reflecting and ruminating on my career and the way I have been running things, and have decided that I want to make some changes. Nothing dramatic – just some subtle shifts that may add up to something bigger in the long run.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 18.15.29I’ve started by launching a newsletter that I’ll be releasing on a monthly basis. The idea is that it will be focused on my books, writing and publishing activities, which I am very passionate about and that are taking up an increasing amount of my time. Subscribers to my newsletter will get book news first, and will also get deals on any new releases. I’ll also share some fun and fascinating things that I’ve found on the internet over the course of the month, and talk about some things that are happening in my neck of the woods here in Iceland.

The newsletter will offer a more personal account of myself and my life than I currently share on social media. I do foresee that it will change and get more polished with time as I delve into it more and get a sense of what belongs there and what doesn’t. I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time and am really excited to be finally taking the plunge.

I would love for you to sign up for the newsletter – it will be separate from the blog posts I share here, so if you are subscribed to blog updates it does not mean that you will automatically receive the newsletter. To sign up click here, or use the form on the right at the top of the sidebar. If you want to see a sample newsletter, you can check out January’s offering here.

Also, I’m thinking that I want to start using this particular forum more for sharing bits and pieces throughout the month – whatever I happen to be interested in or passionate about. Mind you, I say that with some trepidation because my intentions to inject power into my blogging activities have tended to fall flat in the past – honourable as they were at the time. But we shall see. In any case, consider yourselves warned, hehe.

In any case, I am pretty sure that my days of ranting on The Iceland Weather Report have finally come to a close. I want to move on to other types of writing, something that is more rewarding for me personally, and I am grateful to have the option to do that here.