Today it’s a balmy –1 degrees Centigrade, a veritable heatwave compared to temps in the –20s that we’ve had lately. The wind has picked up, making it safe to go outside again, and the weatherman promises that we’re in for a warm spell, with rain and the accompanying slush and grind.

AAH went off this afternoon to see her friend performing in a musical version of H.C. Andersen’s Little Girl with the Matches at the Icelandic Opera. Which sent me into a reverie about how much I love living in Reykjavík. There’s so much going on here! In a city of merely 110,000 people you’ve got more theatrical performances, concerts, book readings and what have than you can reasonably keep track of. People doing their thing – anything you want to do, you can do in Reykjavík. Whatever’s your passion. It makes for an incredibly energetic vibe.

Off to a concert meself this evening – a pal of EPI’s is playing in a band and we’re planning to cut a rug. It’s been a busy day – spent a very busy morning sleeping, then running, then having tea with EPI, AAH and my father, and now about to paint my face and put on my party dress. Rock on!

Sunrise at 10.14; sunset 16.12 (ages ago!).