You know what I absolutely love? I love it when I go out somewhere and someone corrects my English.

YT: I think we’ll try some of that lamb sirloin.

Pedantic Store Clerk: Some of that sir-lo-een.

YT: [to EPI] Don’t you think? Some of that sirloin?

PSC: Sir-lo-een.*

This morning one of those to-die-for-gorgeous autumn mornings, where the sun shines and highlights all the amazing colours on the leaves, so that they look illuminated from within. Alas, by noon the sun had disappeared in my corner of the capital, but I went out for a walk anyway and it was mild and lovely as there was no wind. Incidentally, my suspicion has been confirmed: last month was the coldest September in 23 years in this country. I knew it wasn’t supposed to get so cold, so fast! Here’s hoping it warms up in October. Current temps are 4°C and sunrise was at 07.48, sunset scheduled for 18.43.

* Just to avoid confusion: YT pronounced it as most English people would, whereas PSC was insisting the phonetic Icelandic pronounciation was correct. It wasn’t.
** ‘And our Icelandic weather is…’ in Icelandic phonetic spelling.