EPI told me a funny story the other day. There was a guy he knew up in Akureyri (in the north)who immersed himself in the writings of Friedrich Engels. One suspects Marxist theory. Anyway, this guy sat and sat, studied and studied, working his damndest to get a grasp.

One day, he was sitting in the library and studying as usual when suddenly he got it! Everything fell into place, clouds parted, epiphany descended, he understood. At that moment, he rose from the table and headed towards the library entrance. As he walked, he removed his shirt. He then proceeded to remove every bit of clothing on his body until he was stark naked. Once outside, he started running. He ran and ran and ran, down to the sea and along the shore, until the police finally apprehended and restrained him. He’s been a mental case ever since.

Conclusive evidence that too much studying is a bad thing and can drive you insane. Or that one should stay away from Marx and Engels.


The book reviewer man who never sleeps was on Icelandic telly again last night. Mistakenly I indicated in a previous post that he ended his yadayada with a star rating, which in fact is not true. I just thought he did. I also alluded to the fact that he was funny looking – which was a little nasty, really. He’s not that funny looking. Just kind of funny acting.

YT regrets these inaccuracies and will try to stick to facts in the future.


In the same post I alluded to the fact that I take a looonngg time to read a novel, even if I really really like it. Which is true, because I have a busy life. But I may be about to break my two-month habit because I am currently reading a tome that is superb and impossible to put down (Dússa – takk! x).

Title: As the Crow Flies. Author: Ann-Marie MacDonald.

I am hard-pressed to understand why this book has not won every single literary award going. Was it short-listed for the Booker Prize? If not, I cannot understand why. It is brilliant – huge in scope, intricate in detail, tremendously written, delicately interweaving social commentary, deep emotion, true morality and a thousand other nuances. Exceptional!


Rain rain rain and more rain. Although that said, I can now glimpse a powder-blue sky with pink clouds though the window. The snow we got the other day has all but disappeared. Temps 1-7 degrees here in the south; currently 4 degrees in the capital. Slight wind. Sunrise was at 10.29; sunset set for 16.00 sharp.