I’m in a blogfunk today. Maybe it’s because this keeps staring me in the face:

… I’ve developed an intense dislike for this rotund little object, which I am told is a “webcam” and which AAH uses to chat to her grandmother on MSN. It looks just a little too devious and smug for my liking and I can’t get past the idea that it is watching me like some 1984-type Big Brother thingy, greedily and surreptitiously gathering information about my bedraggled groggy state first thing in the morning [or at any point during the day, really] and simultaneously broadcasting it to the World At Large.

May I suggest you check out the most current entry [March 19] on Beauty Dish – especially the link. It is quite possibly the most moving blog entry I have ever read: shocking, intimate, brave, unsentimental and beautifully written.

Excellent news: three young adults who were travelling through the interior today and reported missing were found safe and sound. They’d been travelling on two separate jeeps and one of them was found abandoned this afternoon. A search and rescue team was called out since the weather is set to be very bad in the [uninhabited] interior tonight and to be trapped there under those conditions is not a situation to be trifled with. Meanwhile, in the south, still mild, light drizzle, overcast, moderate winds. Good running weather as I discovered earlier today. Temps currently 8°C [46.4F]. Day broke at 6.37 and night fell at 20.35.