You know, sometimes somebody comes along and articulates a thought that has been floating around in your head without your even knowing it. This is precisely what I happened this evening when I read Paperback Writer’s post, in which she likens the blogging experience to a romantic relationship. First you have the ‘oh this is so wonderful!’ phase, where you’re high on all the excitement and bliss; then boredom sets in and you get to the ‘oh I don’t feel like posting’ posts, which she ever-so aptly calls the blog equivalent of ‘I have a headache’. Eventually you start missing a day… then two… then a week… and before you know it, the relationship is kaput.

Hm. In the last week or so I’ve had an almost perpetual headache. Which leads me to wonder about the health of this particular romantic relationship. Is it suffused with boredom, soaked through with ennui? I fear it is.

Or perhaps it is the fact that site traffic has been rather slack lately [where is everybody?] – in other words, the romance isn’t being reciprocated. [Yes I admit it, I thrive on attention and feedback. There. I’ve said it.]

And yet – that’s hardly the whole story, because on some days the site traffic is more than adequate [if I manage to avoid comparing myself with the A-list, that is] and I still feel bleh.

So. Somebody tell me. If this is the blog equivalent of a headache… then what’s the blog equivalent of sexy underwear and ‘marital aids’??

Bleh. Bleh. Bleh. Daybreak blehblehbleh. Nightfall. Whatever.