Well, ol’ Bob arrived last night. Evidently there was some disruption to his connecting flight from Copenhagen so those good Samaritans at Channel 2 sent a private jet over to pick him up, which just happened to have their news editor on board. When the jet landed at Reykjavík airport, the city’s affable Commissioner of Police boarded to do the customs check, and returned with a message from the C2 news editor that poor old Bobby was so exhausted from his terrible ordeal that he would not be able to utter as much as a single word to all those reporters [some from foreign news agencies] who were there waiting. Which according to a press release sent by Fischer’s supporters and published today was a sheer lie and part of C2’s ingenious plan to orchestrate the event in such a way as to grant their reporters exclusive access to Bobby. Which is exactly what happened.

So today all those other media are severely pissed off and are making sure EVERYBODY KNOWS. Meanwhile, old Bobby, who as you can see from this pic arrived looking like he’d been cast away on a desert island for about three decades, went for a walk this morning and then requested that someone please come and cut his hair and beard. And later today he’s promised a press conference with equal access for all. Should be interesting to watch, as much for the infighting amongst reporters as for what emerges from old Bobby’s mouth.

Here in Iceland we call it “long Friday” which seems to make eminently more sense that “good Friday”. I mean, crucifying people can’t be good. Can it?

This day used to be a day in which nothing but nothing was allowed. Movie theatres shut down, all stores were closed, no dancing or carousing was permitted [hence bars closed]… even this country’s swimming pools were not open. Now considering the fact that swimming pools are to this nation what the English pub is to the Brits [sort of like our second home], this illustrated clearly that the powers-to-be were SERIOUS about imposing upon the general populace a state of mourning [or boredom, whatever the case might be]. However. Today we have movie theatres open, two Reykjavík swimming pools open, and the bars will throw open their doors at 12 midnight and stay open until, well, whatever time they decide to close [as usual].

Meanwhile, EPI and I have our own little a tradition on this day: we go to the open AA anniversary meeting held in the Laugardalshöll sports stadium. [Some of you may remember this post about how strong the Alcoholics Anonymous movement is in Iceland]. Generally there are around five speakers and the tales of death and resurrection one hears there are enough to send shivers up and down even the most jaded spine. The stadium is always packed to the rafters [it takes around 3,000 people] and it’s really an amazing, life-affirming, joyous event: the stories of people who have triumphed over [living] death and been given another chance at life, essentially as different people. Awesome.

Is pleasant enough – mild, overcast, slight breeze, non-threatening. Perfect for a lazy stroll [or a run, for endorphin junkies like YT]. Current temps are 8°C and daybreak was at 6.22, nightfall will be at 20.47.