Not the most original title, but absolutely spot-on. Temps around the freezing mark plus windchill factor make this a day not to go out without stockings underneath yer jeans unless you want to suffer frozen-thigh syndrome!

Set the alarm to wake me this morning as this was a day in which I had to Do Important Stuff. Reflected as I lay beneath the duvet in a half-slumbrous state on one of my most favourite inventions of the 20th century – the snooze button. How ingenious is that?! A button that gives you the illusion that you can fall asleep again – and yet be perfectly safe in the assurance that you won’t miss that important meeting! In my humble opinion, the inventor of the snooze button should be awarded the Nobel prize. In something. Snoozing, maybe.

Have been dealing with serious Pubescent Behaviour Disorder in AAH, daughter, aged 13. Am not receiving high marks in the mothering department these days. Is there a trick to this? Someone send me a manual, please – serious malfunction happening … beep! blap! bibopib!!

Sunrise/sunset – 8.53/17.29. Respectively and all that.