At o6.50 this morning, the population of Iceland was 299,999. At 7.20 am, the 300,000-th Icelander arrived. Whoo-hoo!

According to Statistics Iceland, there’s been an unusual population increase up here over the past few years. An average of 12 people are born in Iceland per day, while there are five deaths on average.

No speculations are offered as to the causes of this extraordinary fertility. Although on reflection that’s probably not within the remit of the Statistical Bureau, but rather The Iceland Weather Report.

YT believes the weather is to blame. Either that or we’re surreptitiously gathering forces to gang up on old Quentin Tarantino.

Quite tolerable at the moment, thankyoumuch. It’s pretty overcast and a little while ago we had a monster of a shower, although nothing compared to the driving rain we saw yesterday, cripes! Methoughts it was the Biblical flood come to wash away all our sins… but in the end all it washed away was the snow. Lurrvely running weather, that much I can attest to, although by all appearances the wind is picking up so it probably won’t be for long. Temps 2°C and sunrise was at 11.08, sunset due for 16.02.