Story nicked from the Morgunblaðið website this morning:

A young guy went into an electronics store this past weekend and bought a laptop on payments. Having signed the contract he left with the laptop, which he was not intending to write his memoirs on but rather to trade in for a few grams of cocaine.

However, by the time he arrived to make the transaction he’d sobered up enough to see that he’d be getting a pretty raw deal: the laptop was worth around ISK 190,000 [USD 1,200/EUR 1,500] while the coke was worth a piddly ISK 20,000 [US 126/EUR 164]. So off he headed, back to his rented room, laptop under his arm.

That evening, a few of his pals came over, as pals do. One of them was getting a little desperate for a fix, saw the laptop and asked whether he could take it and trade it for some dope. To which First Guy agreed.

But when the pal didn’t show up with the goods [d’oh!], First Guy did what anyone would do – called the cops. He admitted to buying the laptop and that he had no intention of making the payments. However, when his pal didn’t come back with the goods, he had decided to charge him with theft. His demand: the laptop back, or else the dope, which in all fairness he should have received in exchange.


Never buy a laptop to exchange for drugs. It will make you stupid.


Mild. Almost all the snow has disappeared from the ground. Right now it is foggy and grey with not a hint of wind – perfect running weather, an activity YT intends to engage in very shortly. Temps currently 6°C. The sun came up at 10.28 and will set at 16.53.


As previously documented, YT is off to see the Wizard. Posting during coming week will depend on accessibility of electronic devices and YT’s general mood. Failing that, shall return in a week’s time. Happy days, everyone!