Could you please help me decide if this man, who of late has been firing odd missives into my comments box, is:

a) Wacko
b) Brilliant
c) Hilarious
d) Flirting with me.

Thank you.

Certainly not as ghastly as yesterday – we had sub-zero temps and gale-force winds all day long – no matter how many layers of clothing you put on it was freezing and every single person you encountered was complaining about it. Today thankfully the wind has died down and the sun’s come out but we’re still faced with temperatures of -8°C. This must be the annual Páskahret as the Icelanders call it – that one last spell of cold before summer [such as it is] kicks in. Páskar, incidentally, means Easter, so that cold spell is generally attributed to Easter, which as you know came early this year meaning that the cold spell that normally would have been at Easter comes now when Easter should have been. Or something. Daybreak: 5.33; nightfall: 21.29.