Saved blogging for the evening hours, post- dinner and ER. ER is one of my three must-watch TV shows each week, others being The Sopranos and Six Feet Under – a new series of which started here on Monday night. SFU has some of the most interesting characterization ever seen on telly in MHO. They’re all so deliciously weird and off-kilter, and the undertaker-setting is irresistible. Mm. Loved that scene where bereaved old Nate gives some other poor sod’s ashes to Lisa’s dysfunctional family and buries Lisa himself in the ground beneath a tree. Poetic!

Worked hard this morning, then took a break to jog in fantastic weather … an idyllic scene, not a cloud in the sky, a shimmering powder blue sheen on the sea, the seals off the coast lounging on their rocks soaking up the rays, the waves gently lapping, me running in slo-mo to the Chariots of Fire soundtrack. (OK so I made that last bit up.) Temps were around the freezing mark but it didn’t matter because there was no wind. Long leisurely stretch afterwards, then back to work for a while. Overcome by my own brilliance in wordsmithing, I decided to pull myself down to earth by visiting the Kringlan mall and returning the offending presents from the other day (see post about Christening a couple days back). That went off without a hitch, so I decided to reward myself by buying a really flashy, funky pair of black leather knee-high boots. They cost about ten times as much as the prezzies I returned, but hey. Creative problem-solving in action.

We’re gearing up for a lunar eclipse this evening, scheduled for around midnight. (Hm – should that perhaps have been the primary topic of this post? Something interesting and meaningful, as opposed to my own irrelevant navel-gazing?) I don’t presume to think that this is the only place on the planet able to see the eclipse, but wouldn’t it be super-cool if it was! At any rate, I expect EPI and I will bundle up in our down jackets and go outside with our sunglasses (d’oh! – or not) and see what we can see. Watch the space – which is exactly what we’ll be doing!