Went to Penis Mall today, specifically to go to Zara. It’s my store of choice when I want to pick up something new to wear, because their clothes are stylish and smart and don’t cost a bloody fortune. [So what if you have to throw them out after a few months because they’re faded and have outlived themselves – they’re cheap enough so that you can go and get something new and look fab for another couple months. But I digress.]

The thing is, every time I go to Zara I get all fired up about their jeans because on the display table they look.so.cool – but as soon as I get into the fitting room and try them on, my enthusiasm fizzles like a burnt-out sparkler. Because they never, ever fit me. I’ve decided that Spanish women have flat bums and thin legs to the point of dysfunction and not one of them has ever had any children, hence accounting for the cut of the Zara jeans, which are designed for fifteen-year olds with pancake stomachs and even flatter buttocks.

Until today! Miraculously I arrived home with not one but two pairs of pants from Zara, plus a totally fantastic-looking pleated jeans skirt and a plain black turtleneck [God thank you for The Return of Black because black turtlenecks are arguably the greatest fashion lifesavers in history]. Yow.Sa.

EPI has a new toy. It’s a multi-track recording device that he ordered from the US a couple months back and which has finally made it over to these shores. And boy, it is making EPI happy! After dinner, EPI will vanish into his little makeshift recording studio in the spare bedroom and remain there until… whenever. Every now and again, YT will catch a glimpse inside of EPI hunched over his guitar, big-assed earphones on his head, grooving in time to some irresistible music audible only to himself.

In the past week since he got the gadget, Visitors have arrived to inspect it – one night his best buddy, another night his brother – and inevitably they’ll vanish into the spare bedroom and remain there for an entire evening, surfacing only occasionally to fetch glasses of water or other sorts of nourishment. In fact, EPI has been losing sleep over the past week because he cannot seem to tear himself away from his new toy. It’s like he’s going through the paces of a new romance – all staying up late, not getting enough sleep, going through the days all bleary-eyed, constantly grinning from ear-to-ear. That’s our EPI, now.

And YT is happy to support EPI’s new infatuation, because while EPI is strumming the guitar and grooving to his own tune, YT has no qualms about indulging her blogging habit in the next room. Score!

Great today. A gentle-weather day. A super-thin veil of clouds, with diffused sunlight coming through for almost the entire day [at least that’s what it looked like when I wasn’t cooped up inside Penis Mall]. There’s a chill in the air, though – make no mistake. Temps at the moment are 7°C [44.6°F] and daybreak was at 06.08, nightfall at 20.34.