BIG NEWS today – first the headlines:



The details:

Indeed, the teachers’ strike has been postponed pending the passing of a mediation proposal. State negotiator has introduced the proposal and now it just needs to be passed. Please! Kids to return to school on Monday. (but in the event that the proposal is rejected will once again be cut adrift in about ten days time. Which one trusts will not happen.)

The four major oil companies in Iceland have just been fined a total of 2.6 billion Icelandic crowns for illicit collaboration. Those bleeping (insert descriptive noun) collaborated surreptitiously for nine years on pricing, mark-ups, discounts, tendering, and division of the market. They even went so far as to collaborate on Christmas presents for their staff! In other words, us poor unsuspecting gas users were being held hostage by those greedy (repeat with descriptive noun), who were lining their pockets with smirks on their faces the whole time. Their defense? “Uh, we didn’t know”. Ya, right. Which is why instructions were given to delete all emails pertaining to the collaboration, to not hand any pertinent documents “over the table” and not to show “insufferable carelessness” by sending faxes.

Hats off to the Monopolies Commission, which took the initiative and raided the oil companies’ offices without warning. Keep up the good work, fellas!

Weather: mild, temps around 6 degree mark (Celsius), wet. Not bad for running, which YT has already crossed off the to-do list. Some days just can’t do a damn thing without my run except sit at the computer and stare at the screen wie ein Zombie.

Sunrise: 9.02; sunset: 17.19. Getting darker!