It was Gay Pride day in Reykjavík yesterday. EPI and YT went and checked out their oh-so-fantabulous parade, along with 39,998 others. I managed to snap a handful of photos before my camera battery conked out on me.

Iceland allows gays and lesbians to marry in a civil ceremony [although they don’t call it ‘marriage’ but ‘confirmed cohabitation’] but they’ve yet to be granted the right to adopt, or lesbians to have kids through artificial insemination. Be that as it may, Gay Pride day has become one of the highlights of the festival-happy Icelandic summer, what with its carnival-type atmosphere and everyone having a fabulous time.

Because there’s a storm on today. All the rescue squads in the capital area were called out to help secure flying objects such as the ubiquitous scaffolding that is an inextricable part of the Icelandic summer. It’s so bad that YT has even passed on going for a run, which is something that happens only with Grave Cause. Meanwhile, temps are around 12°C and daybreak was at 03.37 and nightfall at 23.25.