Note, if you will, that Blogger comments on this site have been replaced by Haloscan. That’s right, for although Blogger are to be commended for their recent attempts at upgrading, they just take TOO DAMN LONG TO LOAD!

You can be sure that YT is mighty pleased with her techno-savvy. Not so pleasing, however, is the fact that all your lovely comments, dear readers, that have made me so infinitely happy throughout these last weeks and months, have vanished. [Yes it’s true, I lead a sad life]. Which is why it is particularly fortuitous that I’ve kept them all stored in my inbox. For emergencies such as this.

Hasty posty today on account of Extreme Business. [That’s busy-ness. Not extreme business – although one could conjure up a lot of interesting images at the phrase]. Basically, we have grey. Grey sky, grey building outside, grey pavement, grey cars in the parking lot. Grey grey grey. Oh and rain. Predictably the snow’s almost gone; went for a run along the seashore earlier and it was fantastico – what a difference it makes not to have to struggle against the wind in sub-zero temperatures, it is truly marvellous! [– no, I don’t get out much]. Current temperatures a whopping 6° Celsius [42.8 F] and merely the slightest hint of wind. Just the way we endorphin junkies like it. The sun came up at 9.22 and will set again at 18.02. Getting longer and longer!