Phew! Busy weekend. My brother graduating on Friday; party at my father’s house. EPI’s daughter graduating on Saturday; a two-hour ceremony in the afternoon, then a party at the ex’s. Which always presents its unique set of challenges. I’ll say no more. And a bunch of other stuff, like EPI’s sister turning 40 on Saturday, meeting a friend yesterday, big dinner with the girls and EPI’s father yesterday… yes, and finding some time to enjoy the sunshine. Which has been relentless. And gorgeous. In fact, I saw something you hardly ever see in Iceland a couple of days ago: a sprinkler. On somebody’s front lawn. Must be the greenhouse effect. Several years ago the idea of a sprinkler being needed on this rain-soaked island would have been considered pretty damn hilarious. But no more.

Here in Iceland, it being so small and everything, when there’s something going on, everybody knows about it. And so it was this weekend, with all the graduations. If you weren’t going to a graduation party, you at least knew someone who was. And if you happened to hit the town on Friday or Saturday night you could be sure to find masses of revellers wearing white caps – which is what Icelandic graduates get to put on at the graduation ceremony to signify that they have passed through this particular rite of passage. It’s kind of nice. To feel like you’re part of something. To get a chance to celebrate with all those young people, high on their own unique achievement. Actually it’s great.

On the front page of Fréttablaðið this morning: turns out that leak in the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant I mentioned a couple weeks ago went on for nine frigging months without anybody noticing. Nine months! Hel-lo! Is everybody in Sellafield SLEEPING?! Did everybody just fail to notice that the bund or whatever it’s called was slowly but steadily filling up with radioactive yuck? Somebody should fire their tired asses. Or better yet, close the damn plant permanently. Which it seems they’re seriously thinking of doing, PTL.

YT and AAH are busily gearing up for some fun in the sun tomorrow. [And the next day and the next and ….] The only thing slightly worrying is that our trip will be too damn short [only six nights, O vey!] and we won’t be ready to come back yet. In fact that’s pretty much guaranteed. Anyway, I’ve been dusting off my Portuguese: Bom dias!* Obrigada!** – And yes, am fully aware that it is scandalous that I’ve been there for the past two years in a row and that this is the extent of my command of the language. If only they didn’t speak such excellent English over there. If only they were more like the arrogant Spanish, who refuse to speak English even if they can. But alas, they’re just too exceedingly friendly and nice. Sigh.

And so, friends Romans countrymen, I venture to say that maybe, just maybe, the Iceland Weather Report shall be brought to you from Portugal at some point in the next week or so. Failing that, I shall return in a week. With a tan.

Slightly overcast for a change, light winds from the south, mild. We’re in for showers this afternoon sez the weatherman. Temps currently 9°C. Meanwhile, the forecast for the Algarve today is
28°C nyah nyah. Oh! But I see thundershowers are in the cards for Wednesday! Which means one thing: you shall find us in the mall. Adieu!

* Good day
** Thank you