EPI gave me flak for writing nasty stuff about old Robert Plant and quite rightly too. It was wrong of me to slag him off by saying that he was old and has a saggy bum because after all, what do I know? I haven’t seen the man in years. [That’s to say, when I saw him last weekend he was thirty years younger than today. ] So I’ve deleted that part. With an apology. [But the other part still stands because he really did sound like a girl so that’s not slander.]

And while I’m here and posting my second post of the day – is there any show on television or anywhere more emotional than ER?? It returned to our screens this evening after a seven-week hiatus and boy, AAH and I were in shock the whole entire time, and I cried at least five times. So either I’m turning into a sappy, guilt-ridden, emotional wreck, or I’m hitting menopause. Or both.