Today is “Cream Puff Day” here in Iceland, which means everyone in the country eats a whole bunch of these.

Now, on this day, every [small] kid gets a wand type of thing with a bunch of fluff on the end with which to spank his or her parents. Ideally, the parents should be spanked in bed before getting up in the morning. And depending on how many times said child manages to spank the parents, that’s how many cream puffs the child gets to imbibe. Pretty good incentive for spanks, you can imagine.

[One can only hope that anti-parent-spanking laws will not be passed anytime soon.]


This is merely the first of a succession of Three Fun Days that mark the traditional start of Lent. Tune in tomorrow and the next day if you want to know what the rest of them are… [never averse to a little manipulation, our YT.]


Whell. Readers got some idea of the mayhem that prevailed last night. The wind had died down somewhat this morning, but it was still pretty blustery. Around noon temps had dropped slightly and we had flurries swirling prettily outside, so late-afternoon-ish YT decided to hit the shore for a run. [Work off those cream puffs, donchaknow]. Bam! Foiled again – wind had picked up and what’s more, it was high tide so the waves came crashing mightily over the embankment, tossing forth rocks and sea gunk and lots of salty spray. YT had a couple of narrow escapes but managed to make it back home without being utterly drenched or hit in the head by a rock. At the moment it’s calm again with a lovely layer of the white stuff like a sheet on the ground. Temps 1°C [33.8 F] and the sun came up at 9.49, went down at 17.36.

[PS. I’ve been trying to post pix from my new digicam toy using photobucket, but they turn out HUGE on the page! Any techno-gurus out there??]