I’ve seen a number of blogs out there lately where people seem deeply immersed in SAD, which is really a drag. Now for all those SAD people, YT has a suggestion: try coming up here to live. For YT at least, SAD season is when one moves into the heart of darkness, while HAPPY season is moving out of it again, like now. The lengthening of the day – it’s the greatest!

Up ahead are those long summer days when the light is so magical and the sun doesn’t bother to set because it’s too much fun staying up. And everybody is filled with energy and the nature all around is so beautiful. Can’t wait! To go camping, hiking. Last year we explored parts of the West Fjords – it was YT’s first time there and I can tell you that I came back a changed person. It totally got under my skin.

Wouldn’t want to live there in winter, though. What with avalanche threats and evacuations and horrible storms. Might go for a visit at some point, though, just for the experience. Expect it would be purritty scary – all those towering mountains and forbidding conditions. And the darkness. Not surprising that the people in Ísafjörður have a traditional celebration each year when the sun actually makes it over the crest of the mountain and they get their first sunlight in months.


And now for something completely different: YT is suddenly faced with a big dilemma – I’ve run out of Hello! magazines. Oh not for reading. I generally only read them on planes, or possibly sunbenches while on holiday. No – the thing is that Hello! makes a perfect shield for our wicker laundry basket on which Polly the cockatiel likes to perch throughout the day. And shit on. I tell you this: there is hardly a celebrity on earth that Polly has not shat on at one time or another. In fact, YT was forced to dispose of the very last Hello! copy this morning, as every single celebrity in it was dotted with Polly shit.

Note to self: must stock up on Hello! and OK! while in the UK next week.


Much the same as in recent days. Clear, sunny skies, frosty temps. The mountains surrounding Reykjavík all look like they’re covered in yummy white creamy icing. There’s a slight wind, accounting for some windchill, but as long as you bundle up warm and have your windproofing gear on you’re fine. Now, I’d like to give you sunrise/sunset but this wee posty is being tap-tap-tapped in a location other than my little home office, and the calendar was left behind. But do take comfort in the fact that, unless something drastic happens, they will be included tomorrow.