Imagine my surprise and delight on turning on my computer this morning to find my inbox filled with comments and my site traffic a-rockin’! A moment of pure bewilderment followed, after which a sneaking suspicion began to dawn – could it be that the lovely Michele, whose acquaintance I made only yesterday (via her blog), had made The Iceland Weather Report the focus of her excellent site-of-the-day game?

Yes! It could!

So many nice visitors! Such wonderful comments! Thanks to everyone who’s dropped by so far and a big warm WELCOME to those who will join us later. And – need I say it? – if you haven’t yet checked out Michele’s blog, DO. It’s a blogland gem, and Michele herself has already secured herself a place in my heart by declaring that the existence of Joni Mitchell is proof positive that there is a God. A woman of heart and mind, indeed.


Boy, and here I was planning to post a really funny story involving a picture, that just begged to be shared with Weather Report readers. As loyal readers will know this would have been a monumental event, as The Iceland Weather Report has heretofore remained un-illustrated. Mostly because YT is severely challenged when it comes to the techno side of things – honestly, it’s all I can do to get those blog ring logos and whatnots up there on the sidebar.

So off I go last night, onto to the Blogger dashboard, into the help section, to try and figure out how to post pictures. Followed every instruction to a tee, downloading Picasa and Hello and whatever cutesy names they all have, and then sat there, gritting my teeth in frust.rat.ion, when it appeared that Hello only wanted to post the picture by itself. Without the story. Argh!

Now, I know that a picture is supposed to be worth a 1000 words, but in this case the picture really isn’t anything without the story that accompanies it. The story is really pretty funny – as, indeed, is the picture.

Anyway, up I get this morning with a lightbulb glowing brightly above my head – I will experiment! thought I. Post the story first, then the picture, and see if I can’t just massage the two enough to get them to work together.


Imagine my surprise and delight on waking up this morning to find my inbox filled with comments and my site traffic a-rockin’! Which is fantastic, and also means that today is prolly not the day to start conducting experiments. But if y’all come back tomorrow maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch YT with egg all over her face. We Shall See.


As usual, freezing cold. Now here’s a little-known factoid: Iceland has the same average yearly temperature as New York City. On account of the Gulf Stream, which circles our little land and brings us warmth from more temperate climes. Last winter, f’rinstance, we hardly saw any snow. This winter, however, seems to be making up for it. Temps are currently –2 degrees Celsius, winds 8-15 metres a second from the north (windchill, yikes!) the sky is partly cloudy and, as usual, exquisitely beautiful. The sun came up around 11 and will set around 4 p.m.