… Can you lie flat in the sun like a pankake before you are fully cooked?

… Can you stay in a hotel room before you see a nasty bug?

… Can you make a beeline for a shoe shop window before you realize that the Portuguese DO NOT MAKE COOL SHOES?

… Can you lug back to the hotel 5 litre containers of water before you start to miss Iceland and the mineral water flowing freely from the tap?

… Can you handle belligerent Icelanders around the pool who start drinking at 11.30 am? [Yes we have those specimens, too.]

… Can you continue to go from sweltering heat to icy cold sea before you catch a nasty summer cold? [Guess who’s got a scratchy throat?]

… Can you live in Iceland before you realize that this sort of trip is not a luxury but a necessity?

Was even hotter than yesterday. Who’s counting [not me!] but I would guess around 30-plus. Cloudless, some breezes that only make it more pleasant and… jeez, there’s not a helluva lot you can say about this kind of weather!! Back soon, thanks for your comments, miss y’all!