Boy, if there was ever a time to pop over to the States to play Rich European Person, this would be it! What on earth is happening to the US dollar? It is now at its lowest rate in relation to the Icelandic krona since 1992. How tempting to jump on a plane and finish off all that Christmas shopping over in the Land of the Brave and the Free!

An even greater temptation are the January sales in NYC, but seeing as how YT will be happily visiting the UK in January it’s not likely to happen. And sadly the Pound Sterling is as robust as ever, so no such thing as playing Rich Icelander over there, I’m afraid.

Sigh. Life is so unfair.


In a word, gorgeous. There is no wind, the sky is quite clear, and what cloudbanks there are in the distance are etched with pastel pink on a powder blue background. Temps hover around the freezing mark, but yo! Look out for that nasty barely-there icing on the sidewalks. The ER at the National Hospital has been inundated of late with unfortunate slip-sliders who have limped in (or sometimes crawled) with an assortment of broken bones.

Sunrise was at 11.06; sunset at 15.34.