… And in other news:

… In the north. The day before yesterday around 100 cars were trapped on the ring road in Húnavatnssýsla for hours on end in a raging blizzard. Rescue squads eventually got everyone [around 200 people] to safety but they had to spend the night in a community centre and eat Icelandic meat soup [yum]. The most incredible story, though, is of a young girl whose car went off the road. She was sitting there, stuck, talking on the phone to her friend and BOOM! a transport trailer weighing four tons flipped over on top of her car. It crushed the top but somehow the bottom stayed intact and the girl survived to tell the tale by flattening herself against the seat. But imagine! Lying there for the 20 minutes or so until help arrives, and then having to stay in there with that monstrosity on top of you until they manage to jack it up and get you out. Nightmare. Sure makes you think about God and Providence and Guardian Angels and all that. Sheesh. Temps at the moment are -2°C and sunrise was at 09.11 and sunset at 17.11.