Cor, what a serious blogfunk I’m in. For the last two days I’ve had nothing worthwhile or interesting or even mildly amusing to say. Nada.

Considered posting the latest toon by my favourite cartoonist but decided it’s getting a bit too much. Really. Apart from the whole issue of copyright, it’s pretty damn cheap to purport to be running a blog and just keep posting someone elses’ jokes.

Even perusing the front page of the paper, or the website, turns up nothing useable. “Largest ice cream cake in the world made in Peking” [… is the MAIN headline on right now. Gah! I thought I was being lame.] “Major snowfall in the east.” [Major snowfall everywhere, if you want to get technical about it – don’t know why they should be singled out.] “Arranged to meet up for a drug deal.” [Yeah? So?] “Claims that the Þjórsárver area will be protected.” [Halellujah to that – they’re not going to destroy ALL of Iceland then, in their quest for cheap energy to fuel still more aluminium plants],”Women’s armpits investigated in Prague.” [Do you really want to know? – No, you do not.]

Well, at least I’m not the only one with the gúrkutíð* problem. Feeling much better already.

We’ve had SNOW lately. Like, bigtime. Which is fun while it’s still a novelty and it’s all pretty and white and fresh, but which becomes a pain in the butt when it lingers for days and especially when it starts to melt and we get slabb**, which means that Some People cannot comfortably get out for their endorphin fix [a.k.a. run]. Had some business to attend to this morning and had to drive to the outskirts of Reykjavík and despite the fact that there’s been no major snowfall for the last 24 hours you couldn’t see the white lines that designate which lane you’re in, which always makes our YT exceedingly nervous. Which may be why I’m already sort of psychically wiped out for the day, and it’s only noon. Or maybe that’s because I’m coming down with that flu bug that too many people in my general vicinity have been afflicted with lately [Let Us Hope Not]. Temps are -2°C, there’s a slight wind which is decidedly unpleasant under the circumstances [YT’s funk circumstances] and the sun came up at 10.52 and will set at 16.23.

* Literally: ‘Cucumber season’. Don’t know if there’s a similar expression in English. The figurative meaning is that there’s no news so the media bangs on about utterly banal things, like the harvest of cucumbers.

** Means ‘slush’. Isn’t a great word? Slabb. – Although come to think of it, so is Slush. Hah! A mildly interesting discovery!