Last night I was lying in bed and flipping through the Yule catalogue from the Kringlan mall, as you do.

FullSizeRenderEPI: Whatcha reading?

ME: The Kringlan catalogue. Very exciting.

EPI: Ah, ok. See anything you like?

ME: So far, no. I’m hoping I’ll find something, though, so I can put it on my list. I’m kind of stuck for ideas.

There was a moment, in which I pondered the absurdity of this situation.

Then …

EPI: It’s kind of crazy when we have to flip through a brochure searching for stuff to ask someone to give us for Christmas.

Why has this never occurred to me before? Why have I always considered a scenario like this totally normal?

Today is when people in the USA celebrate Thanksgiving. I’m going to be grateful for the fact that I have everything I need – in abundance.