Before dropping yesterday’s Big Question, I leave you with one of my favourite quotes [already cited in yesterday’s comments], and a picture of one of my favourite statues for your contemplation:


“Art that doesn’t deal with man’s relationship to God is worthless.” – Ingmar Bergman.

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Summertime is upon us [well almost] which means Iceland starts being invaded by the Rich and Famous. Honestly, why can’t these people just leave us alone? Why, just in the last couple of years our wee country [pop. 290,000] has been accosted by Harrison Ford [3 times], Viggo Mortensen [at least twice], Eric Clapton [at least twice], Paul McCartney and Heather Mills [at least twice], Pink, 50 Cent, Diana Krall and Elvis Costello, Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, Mick Jagger, Emma Thompson and Greg whatsisname, Elton John, Robert Plant [as has been well documented], Mick Hucknall, Julia Stiles, Forrest Whittaker, Sophia and Frances Ford Coppola… ah… the list goes on, can’t remember any more at the moment.

And now, according to latest reports, Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg are due in June and plan to remain for the rest of the summer. This has not yet been officially confirmed, but the media claims the reason for their extended stay is production of a new film called Flags of Our Fathers. Clint has already asked for ‘modest accommodation’ [not that he’d have much of a choice, really] near the location of the filming, which reportedly will be near Krýsuvík [hot spring area 30 min drive from the capital]. Now ‘I’m not selling this dearer than I bought it’ as the Icelanders say – but if it’s true, you heard it here first.

Bloody cold for May! The mbl website has temps at 4°C at the moment. But the sun is shining and our balcony is sheltered so there may just be a spot of sunbathing possible this afternoon, as there was yesterday. Getting meself used to the rays. So I won’t have to bother with all the adjusting-slowly-to-the-sun business when I get to Portugal in a couple weeks time. [Yowsa!] Oh and people! This is the last day for a while of official daybreak/nightfall figures because as of tomorrow it will be light around the clock. [Double yowsa!] So: daybreak 02.02; nightfall 01.02.