Surfacing from my flogbunk to announce that our very own AAH has just been cast as the lead in her school’s production of West Side Story.


She dragged her ass off to rehearsal this afternoon with the oh-so adolescent sentiment: “Ehh, I can’t be bothered to take part in this stupid musical. I’m gonna quit.” The drama teacher was lame, the script was lame, and they were just gonna make her dance, “as usual”.

She’d changed her tune slightly when she came home with the role of Maria in the bag.


[Meanwhile in other news…]

You can believe that YT was a happy camper this morning to be working from home. There was a massive traffic jam all the way from Hafnarfjörður to Kringlan in Reykjavík – probably around 8 km. People sat in traffic for three fricking hours. And yes, I realize that many of you will be furrowing your brows and shrugging your shoulders and thinking, Yeh, so? what’s the big deal? But I can tell you this: traffic jams of that calibre are an evil that We the Nicelanders have been mercifully spared until now. Along with mosquitoes, cockroaches and – curiously enough – dust mites.

Which today has been absolutely freezing cold – as you may know by now, freezing cold weather is something else we have of late been mercifully spared up here. According to the website it is now –11°C. !!. !. and !. That’s, like, deep-freeze temperatures. Apparently this is what caused all the havoc this morning – there was so much ice on the roads that cars weren’t able to drive up ramps. Guaranteed to cause trouble. Tsk. Sunrise was at 10.50 and sunset 16.26.