A comment in the editorial of Saturday’s Fréttablaðið caught my eye. It concerned the abduction of the little nine-year old girl last week, the perpetrator of which has not yet been found.

“In a large part of the world, including the one which we inhabit, a large portion of the population watches the same TV programs, listens to the same music, plays the same games, follows the same fashions and last but not least follows the same social trends. This means that location matters much less than before when it comes to what influences people. At the same time it is a fact that nearly everything that can happen out in the larger world, can also happen here in Iceland.”

In other words: Iceland has lost its innocence.


… Was the fashion show put on this past weekend by Amnesty International, to raise awareness of domestic violence. Rather than the models being glam-ed out with the latest trendy cosmetics, they were made up with cuts and bruises to replicate descriptions found in police records concerning domestic violence cases. Definitely the most cool and effective way of raising awareness that YT has ever heard of!


Yesterday was the first Sunday in advent and what an exhausting day it was! The morning was especially strenuous, as mornings spent sleeping usually are. A brunch consisting of French toast followed, after which EPI and I headed outside to allow some daylight to hit our eyeballs, walking a full circle around a nearby golf course that is situated on a spit that juts out into the sea. Although ‘daylight’ was subjective yesterday – as it was overcast and rainy and the whole day was much like twilight.

Headed home after that to undertake some serious Christmas card making, drinking of hot chocolate (real chocolate, yo!) and eating of cookies (bought, not home-made, YT being somewhat challenged in the cookie-baking department). Dinner was consumed a short while later – hangikjöt and laufabrauð (paper thin, deep-fried, pancake-type things), potatoes in white sauce, green peas and pickled red cabbage – all very traditional Icelandic and Christmas-y. After which one found oneself in a reclining position, feet up and belly protruding skyward, eyelids drooping, virtually comatose with Things Ingested.


Perfectly genial at the moment, no wind, mild. Partly cloudy skies with patches of blue and pink in between. Set to get colder today, though, with wet or not-so-wet snow here in the west. Temps around 2 degrees.

Unfortunately they’ve stopped sending our free trial copy of Morgunblaðið, so sunrise/sunset times are currently unavailable! So sorry.