Well, the dead lice continue to fall. From my head in true Icelandic fashion. Now, it seems, ol’ Bobby Fischer was offered the residents’ status without US authorities being consulted. (See yesterday’s post in case you’re already confused). It was, however, made clear to them that he was not being offered political asylum. And the decision did come as a surprise to our (very agreeable) US Ambassador James Gadsen.

To all this I say: Excellento! We truly are an Independent Republic, then! On some fronts, at least. (And yes, I am a cynic.)

Of course this means that Bobby may be extradited if he decides to accept our invite, seeing as how he’s not being given political asylum. However, apparently Icelandic authorities checked with the Japanese embassy and the US has so far not requested extradition in Japan. So – hey! Maybe we’ll be running into our man Bob in the supermarket before too long.

Ball’s in Japan’s court, then. Will they or won’t they let him leave? Stay tuned.


I cannot congratulate enough the cast and crew of the Vesturport theatre troupe for managing to charm the pants off the English not once, not twice, but three times with their fantastic acrobatic Romeo and Juliet! Which is now in its third run in London’s West End. I mean, selling Shakespeare to the English is a lot like selling ice to the Eskimos… innit? And now our charming First Lady Dorrit Moussaieff has persuaded some of her famous-actor friends like Vanessa Redgrave, Derek Jakobi, Joanna Lumley and Dawn French et al to take part in the show. How cool is that?


Askasleikir. That’s Bowl Licker to you English speakers. This crazy dude crept in and stole the askar – these wooden bowl-like things with a lid Icelanders used to eat from, each person having their own personal one – and licked them clean. Thereby performing a task generally reserved for the dogs (and people wondered why they always had ringworm!). Yet another lad with an affinity for the culinary arts. Does anyone perceive a pattern, here?


… Is cold as usual. YT is going to brave it, though. Need some fresh air and some daylight to hit my eyeballs. Hasty post – much work to do today. Shouldn’t even be wasting time on this compulsive nonsensical blathering. Sunrise 11.19; sunset 15.29 (again!).