YT gets positively Homer Simpson-esque at this time of the year, although where The Home fantasizes about beer, I fantasize about sleep. Honestly, I think I could sleep around the clock in this midwinter darkness! Getting up in the morning is a Herculean task at times like these. Conclusion: YT would have made an excellent bear. Hibernation seems about the only sane thing right now.


If I were in hibernation, I would miss The Sopranos. And this would not be cool. Because I can happily report that they’re back in form now in all their gory glory, following that dreadful Sleepy Tony episode a couple of weeks back. Turns out that was simply the calm before the storm because the subsequent episode was one of those nail-biting, armrest-gripping, ‘I-can’t-look’ shows that one has come to expect from our mobster friends. Whew! I’ll say no more. Just in case I’d ruin it for somebody. Suffice it to say that a Significant Character was taken out into the woods and taken out.

Last night, yet another Significant Character (but not quite as Significant as the Other Significant Character) got whacked. Now, what never ceases to amaze me about this show is …(yes yes, I’ll lay off the Sopranos philosophizing in a minute!) … is no matter how vile the deed our man Tone performs, never for a moment does one stop rooting for him! Because he’s so likeable! Maybe because he’s so human! Because he visits a shrink and has issues with his mother!

Awright, that’s enough.


This particular Yule Lad liked to scrape the burnt remains from the pots and the pans and eat them. Yuck! Whatever turns yer crank, or whatever. Incidentally, if you haven’t checked out Garðar’s Yule Lad site, do! If you click on the little moving drummer boy, it takes you to the Yule Lad of the day, and there you can click to get a little virtual present if you’ve been nice.


The weather. Slight breezes here in the southwest, partly cloudy skies. Temps currently –2 degrees. Sunrise will be at 11.16; sunset scheduled for 15.29.