As regular readers will know, YT is not a meme fan. However, I found this quite irresistible – and anyway, it’s not a proper meme [much]. Plug your name plus the word ‘needs’ into google, and see what you get:

  • Alda needs to be ready to provide a flawless—not necessarily lovable—moment of truth to those people

  • Alda needs a distraction and [s]he needs it fast
  • Alda needs to be back on primetime television
  • Alda needs infrastructure improvements
  • Alda needs to bolster sagging popularity
  • Alda needs to be the next President of “The West Wing”
  • ALDA Needs You!

And finally – because I couldn’t resist:

  • ALDA! You’re making me cry

… Ugh, no you don’t. It is frrreezing! Went for a run this morning in -5°C temps and got frostbite on the inside of my lungs. [Yes yes I know I am insane, this was repeatedly documented in this space over the past winter.] And lest you think -5°C is not worth complaining about, you should try it mixed with strongwindsfromthenorth with the wide open North Atlantic next to you. But obviously I’m not complaining, because it’s behavior I choose, right? Right. Meanwhile, with winter darkness encroaching, the sun is very low in the sky and shining at an angle so when you’re walking the streets of the city you’re almost always in shadow now. But we don’t complain about that either, because there are some parts of the country that are in permanent shadow behind mountains until sometime next spring. Currently temps are -2°C and sunrise was at 08.52 and sunset at 17.30.