Iceland’s teachers – those faithful public servants whom we entrust with the education of our children – are back to the drawing board. The strike resumed at midnight when it became clear that they had rejected the mediation proposal and there was nothing new in the cards.

Lest anyone think that I’m tossing rotten tomatoes at teachers, let me make perfectly clear that I’m in their corner. Their wages are a disgrace. Considering the importance of their work in the community they should be earning the same as the highest-paid executives – forgive the cliché. I just hope they get somewhere with this whole business – soon.


Following hot on the heels of Esso and Shell’s apologies, Olís has proven that it will not be left behind and hopped on the apology bandwagon. Like its associates, however, it can’t resist adding its requisite “BUT…” Shell’s BUT consist in pointing out that the company has been sold since the whole messy business was at its zenith – there are improved business practices now, new people who should not be made to suffer yadayadayada. It’s then signed by the boss, who curiously enough was also boss back then and is mentioned numerous times in the oft-cited report. Hm … call me stupid … but something doesn’t quite compute.


The volcano in Grímsvötn under Vatnajökull glacier has ceased its roaring and baring of teeth and has returned to its slumberous state. ‘Twas fun while it lasted – guess there will be no sightings of huge scattered icebergs on sands for YT this time. Sigh.

Weather: roller coaster temps ahead. Currently a sharp northerly wind with clear skies, turning southerly with rising temperatures tonight. Mild tomorrow, then turning cold again Thursday. Sunrise: 9.38; sunset 16.44.