Planned on going on a short errand to Penis mall (a.k.a. Smáralind – wish I had an aerial view picture to stick in here, it looks EXACTLY like one) and got stuck there for over an hour, which was mind-numbing as mall experiences are. Grocery shopping followed, in super-size BONUS. More grocery-shopping after that in manageable-size Hagkaup. (Incidentally, these shops plus Penis mall and most of the stores in it are owned by world-domination-or-death corporation, Baugur, which happens to own half of Iceland and is working on the UK, in which it owns shares in some astronomical number of companies, including – natch – frozen-food chain Iceland. But I digress).

Later EPI and I took a lengthy walk and did our good samaritan deed by picking up a needle and syringe from the Hotel Saga parking lot and throwing it in a garbage bin. Carried on, past the Tjörnin pond in downtown Reykjavik (too big to be a pond, too small to be a lake), dodged into a bookstore and flipped through a bunch of magazines, learning Important Things like BillyBob and Angelina back together and Rod Stewart has Horrible taste in home decorating. Onward march, to the video store to rent a DVD – Touching the Void, to which we plan to vegetate this evening.

Weather – slight breeze, overcast, 4 degrees. Pleasant. Sun has already set.