Yikes! The first proper snowfall of the season – and were Icelanders prepared? Heck, no. Going for a short spin last night was like a throwback to my Toronto days, when five snowflakes falling caused massive delays and pile-ups on the expressway. The traffic snail-paced along – and not without cause, mind. It was a fish-tailing, slippery-sliding, nerve-racking ride. Time to break out those robust winter tires with the nail studs in them (yeah yeah, the ones that cause massive damage to the roads and are the main cause of small-particle pollution). If nothing else is certain, this is: men in tire-changing workshops will not be having a slacker day today.


About the teachers’ situation. Reportedly, the government is set to pass a bill today designed to shepherd those wayward primary teachers back to the classroom with emergency legislation. Just what we need – a bunch of very pissed-off teachers in the classrooms, resentfully plotting their resignations and venting their fury on our children. Yet I shall not rant because one cannot envision another solution.


YT is officially uncool as was most aptly demonstrated yesterday. Background: AAH recently arm-twisted her way onto a modelling course run by the only modelling agency in the country, which YT has some serious beefs with because they’re inane (take forever to pay, make dumb excuses, prey on adolescent vanity, don’t work on behalf of their clients but rather cheat them in favour of their customers, and-so-on.) I wasn’t going to pay one of my arms and one of my legs for the course because, well, it was inane. But relented in the end because AAH whined just the right amount. Plus – and this was the main point of justification – there was to be a photo shoot and AAH would get some pics out of it.

Those were picked up yesterday – and what shock! YT bypassed judicious consideration mode and went directly into rant: “I swear I’ve not seen anything more amateurish in my life! I could have done better than that! Look! They cut off the top of your head in half the shots!” Which was true. In half the shots, the top of AAH’s head was missing! I mean, there were some pretty good shots, BUT THE TOP OF AAH’S HEAD WAS MISSING! Pick up phone, dial modelling agency’s number, get recording in syrupy, come-hither voice: ‘We’re closed for the day…please call ….’ Oh f’rgodssake.

So last night AAH goes off on a modelling assignment (which she does for free – but is set to get some pics out of. Shrug. Sigh.). She comes home and duly informs her middle-aged, over-the-hill, out-of-it mother that TAKING PICS WITH THE TOP OF THE HEAD MISSING IS IN FASHION NOW.

Now, could that be the most stupid thing I have heard in my life, ever? Taking pictures with half the head missing … is cool???

Well. YT has abandoned the idea of calling up inane modelling agency and blasting them for their lack of professionalism. Instead have taken to sitting in rocking chair, nurturing memories of bygone days when heads with the tops on were in fashion.


Snow set to remain on ground. Temps around freezing; mostly cloudy. Slight breeze. Sunrise was at 9.48; sunset scheduled for 16.35.