Remember my Thespian Swan? The one EPI and I found while on a stroll around the golf course back in December? The one Destined for Great Things?

Well, it’s making its debut on the boards of the National Theatre this evening. And YT has two tickets waiting at the box office. Although looking at these [photos from the play], I wonder if I dare take EPI with me – might be just a tad too much drama. EPI, you see, has this knee-jerk reaction to heavy drama – the more self-absorbed it gets, the harder he laughs. For instance, watching people taking drama classes [you know, flailing around, making funny noises, taking themselves Very Seriously Indeed] with EPI is just hilarious because he can’t stop laughing, and when he can’t stop laughing, I can’t stop laughing. So the fear is that the drama in which my Thespian Swan is involved may be a tad too dramatic. Or too funny. Depending on how you look at it.


Remember my post about Polly and how she’s desperately searching for a place to make a nest? And is constantly thwarted in her efforts? Well, just a few evenings ago she found the perfect place…

… And alas, was once again thwarted in her efforts.


No change. Cold and windy. This is about the time of year when you start thinking, WHERE THE HELL IS THE GULF STREAM WHEN YOU NEED IT ?? Went out for a stroll to the bakery early this morning and absolutely froze my buns off. It’s time for some respite NOW. Because contrary to popular belief, Iceland is not supposed to be icy. Greenland is supposed to be icy. Current temps, according to the Morgunblaðið website: °. [Oh, good, we have a degree. Of something.] The sun came up at 9.39 and went down at 17.46.