Arrr… a mighty fine day it is today! The sun shines, the wind is somewhere else making life miserable, the temperatures are … wait, haven’t been out yet. But I opened a (still dirt-encrusted) window and I think it’s cold.

Latest window update: yesterday one of my upstairs neighbours decided to take matters into his own hands and splash water (sideways) onto his windows in an effort to cleanse it. Needless to say, water leaked down the entire building and has now resulted in a loverrly striped pattern on my kitchen pane. I’m not sure which is worse but I am sure that radical action is needed – no, I’m not talking about strangling upstairs neighbour … I lean towards getting a ladder and window-cleaning gizmo on a broomstick and scrubbing the damn things clean.

Anyway, weather is conducive to running so yours truly is content. Not so regarding the current teachers’ strike here in Iceland, which is into its fifth week. Parties stubbornly refusing to yield, state negotiator has thrown in the towel (who can blame him?) and won’t call another negotiation for two more weeks. Two weeks! Six- and seven year olds looking after themselves at home, 13-14 year olds crusing around in ma and pa’s car in the middle of the night (I kid not! No pun intended) Cops pulled over a car last night with a bunch of teenagers aged just that, out for a little early-morning spin, parents thought they were safe and snug in their beddie-byes. I mean, why not just skip the entire year – hell, skip school entirely! Send them off on the freezer trawlers to get a proper education!!

Sunrise here in Iceland was at 8.40 this morning; sunset will be at 17.43. Heading into the darkness, mmmhhhoooohahah..