EPI subscribes to this Popular Science type magazine that he often reads before falling asleep. [Actually, EPI is one of those people that has a hard time falling asleep unless he reads something, and watching this little evening ritual of his is one of the most endearingly funny things ever… no matter how tired he is he
will not
give up trying to read, until the magazine is wobbling in his hands and landing on his face, at which he will raise it up repeatedly with eyes still closed and hold it up as though reading it… it’s pretty funny, but I digress…]

Anyway, he frequently comes out with some entertaining tid-bit or other before the magazine falls down permanently and he drifts away into dreamland, and last night was no exception. It was an article about Popes throughout history, and there was one blurb about a certain Pope Formosus, who evidently did something Very Bad. Bad enough so that the Powers That Be dug up his rotting cadaver, dressed it in the papal vestments, seated it on the throne and put him on trial. To quote Wilkepedia, “At the end of the synod, Formosus was found guilty, his election as pope was declared invalid, all of his acts as pontiff were annulled, his corpse was stripped of its vestments, and the three fingers used for consecrations were hacked off. The body was then dressed in ordinary clothes and buried. Shortly thereafter it was exhumed and thrown into the River Tiber.”

[To paraphrase: TAKE THAT YOU %$#&!! AND DON’T COME BACK, EITHER!!]

I guess that’ll teach him.

[Incidentally, the trial is pictured here. Check it out – the deadbeat on the throne is too precious…]

Dawn was just breaking, and YT the resident weather expert was peering out of the window, ready to gather information that could be broadcast to the World At Large. “Lessee – hmm, there are some clouds, but in between the sky is clear so perhaps we shall be blessed with some precious daylight today. However, there is yet another doozie of a storm in the cards – a warning has been issued – so it is questionable whether venturing outside into the light will be possible at all. Temperatures at the moment are 4°C [this seems to be the default temperature these days] and the sun is due to come up at 11.05 and to set at 15.35.”