Those of you who have been reading awhile will remember YT’s occasional references to shopping excursions at Penis mall. You may also recall that some readers have been mystified by this reference. YT has made a noble effort at clarifying; however, as we all know, sometimes words just cannot capture the essence of what a photograph can so accurately portray [1000 words and all that].

You may also know that a few years ago, aerial photographs of Penis mall [which most mortals will know simply as ‘Smáralind’] were in circulation, but alas, when YT went on a search for those a few months back they were nowhere to be found. As though a giant eraser had come along and wiped out every last Penis mall photograph. As though there was a conspiracy. As though… [but I digress.]*

A few days ago while merrily surfing through cyberspace I chanced upon this excellent photoblog here. I was struck by the stunning photos AND saw that the photographer works in my old hometown of Trawna** so I left her a comment. She followed the link, checked out my blog, picked up on the Penis Mall reference, was intrigued, hunted down a photo and e-mailed it to me. All within the space of about half an hour.

Serendipity? I do believe so.

And so, without further ado, The Iceland Weather Report is proud to present the first-ever proper photograph of Penis Mall. Ta da!


What were they thinking? I Do Not Know. However, that evening EPI and I had a pillow talk conversation about Penis mall.

YT: What were they thinking?
EPI: Who knows. It was some foreign architectural firm, right? Maybe they did it for a laugh.
YT: No, it was Icelanders.
EPI: Are you sure?
YT: [Thinks hard] … what were they called again…?
EPI: [helpful] Vagina Architects?


Picture-perfect winter weather out there at the moment. It snowed hard for a short while today and everything is covered in white. Meanwhile the moon is out so there is a bluish glow over the snow – mmm, perfect. Crisp, clear, fresh [not unlike the content of this post]. Current temps are -1 C and sunrise was at 11.05 while nightfall came over us at 16.06.

*PS have I ever mentioned that Penis mall was built by world-domination-or-death company Baugur Group to house its slew of retail outlets here in Iceland?

**Toronto to all you non-Torontonians.