So yeah. Went out for a walk last night after pressing PUBLISH. Just as I was about to go out the door who should come home but EPI, so he tagged along. It was about 10 pm and there were lots of people around enjoying the evening. That’s Mt. Esja there in the background – everybody’s favourite mountain…

When we left at around 11 there were people arriving in hoardes, because that’s when the sky starts getting a little bit of orange and purple in it, like so:

Incidentally, this is the westernmost part of the capital [you can’t go any further west without swimming], meaning that the sun is literally going down right in front of your eyes. This shot turned out kind of interesting, because we took a photo right into the sun, which was behind the lighthouse. Kind of spooky, no?:

We walked along the black pebble beach in the direction of the oft-mentioned golf course and saw some pretty amazing things along the way [it’s all in the little things, you know]. Like this slime-covered rock, sticking out like a sore thumb [or perhaps index finger]:

… And this colourful seaweed at the waters’ edge…

… and this little red ant-type thing that I know is called something in English but which escapes me for the moment…

… and this beautiful mask-like thing on a stone, like something out of a Greek tragedy.

There was a bunch of other stuff too, but this will do for now. At least you can see how brightly the sun is shining, even if it is almost midnight.

Sunny again! And warm! A bit more wind than in the last few days, though. My father’s wife turns 50 today and so she’s doing the Icelandic thing and holding a big bash this evening – happily this fine weather will allow us to spend some time outside on their deck. Big Birthdays are a Big Thing here in Iceland – every time you enter a new decade of your life you are pretty much expected to celebrate it properly, which means throw a party with lots of booze [BYOB is virtually unheard of in Iceland] and fancy hors d’ouvres or – better yet – dinner. And 50 is The Biggest. These are generally quite formal affairs, where people get dressed up in their best clothes and there are speeches and toasts and funny stories told about the birthday person. So it should be fun. Current temps are 14°C and the sun came up at 02.56 and will go down at 2 minutes past midnight.