Guess who’s on the pill?

Not YT.

Not even AAH. (Perish the thought!)

That leaves only one female in the YT household. Yes, today our very own little Polly the cockatiel was carted off to the vet in a little miniature handbag-like cage [couldn’t help thinking what a darling accessory it would make if the bird inside if would kindly stop freaking out] and given a wee hormone injection that is the equivalent of our very own humanoid birth control pill. [Well not actually a humanoid birth control pill in the sense of having human characteristics – but, you know what I mean].

And now, amazingly, it’s like a switch has been flipped inside our Polly. She’s instantly abandoned her frantic search for a nesting space, her desperate tearing of paper and things at the bottom of her cage, her ripping out her fine feathers and strewing them around her, the repeated, um [how to put this delicately, um…] servicing herself on the bars of her cage… in short, acting like a bitch in heat and a clucking hen all rolled into one.

Instead she now sits and regards the world around her and all things in it with an unparalleled equilibrium, a pious sort of serenity. Sort of has me thinking I should have had myself injected while I was there.

Next time.

What the hell is BlogExplosion? All these people have their little logo on their blog and boast about getting hundreds and hundreds of hits a day – more than their site meter can even handle. So I logged onto the BlogExplosion website and for the life of me, I can’t figure out what they’re on about. You visit two sites, somebody visits yours. Refer new members, you get 10% 10%10%10%… huh? And all the hyperbole: Explode your blog traffic, generate tons of free traffic to your blog each day, yeah!

But – is it people who really want to visit your site? Or is it just about the hits? That would be a pretty important consideration. Wouldn’t it?

It was windy as hell today and pretty damn cold what with the windchill and all, but it was sunny and also Very Bright. The sort of brightness that is generated when the sun is slanting almost horizontally (being low in the sky, this far north, this time of year) and of course the sort that is generated by a super-thin ozone layer. Temps were quite tolerable, currently holding steady at 3°C and the sun came up at 8.28, went down again at 18.53.