Purchases garnered today through a last-minute raid on the remaining summer sales:

1. Pair of mint green pumps with kitten heels. YT never wears green, much less mint green, but the leather was simply too exquisite to pass up. Plus they were 50% off.

2. 1 Gerald Darel top of the finest cotton; light blue. Level of necessity questionable; but was 50% off.

3. 1 very cool pink cotton t-shirt with the number ‘5’ made out of a flowered pattern material sewn onto the front. YT has no special affiliation with ‘5’ except when it’s followed by 0 [as in 50% off], or better yet when followed by 00 [as in costing 500 kronur* – which is what this super-duper-bargain-buy top cost].

4. 1 pair of linen pants [that’s ‘trousers’ if you speak the Queen’s]; off-white. Certainly not very practical in an Icelandic summer-winter-spring-anything, but at a price of 800 kronur, how can you pass it up?

5. 1 very cool bohemian-type T-shirt that absolutely must be worn with beads. This was not on sale but was bought at Zara – which is the most superexcellent store ever in YT’s humble opinion – so it counts as ‘sale’.

Mokay! All in all a pretty fine result. PLUS most of this was bought on lovely Laugarvegur [our old town shopping street which everybody loves but which went into serious decline after the opening of Penis Mall] – the rest in – you guessed it! – Penis mall!

Was supersuperexcellent! The sun came out and shone like there was no tomorrow and the town filled up with happy smiling people. Oh, and I saw a FIRST in Iceland today – a tourist walking around with an OPEN UMBRELLA, i.e. one that she was using as a PARASOL! A freaking PARASOL! In Niceland! I mean it wasn’t exactly SWELTERING in the 20°C temps we were having but this woman looked like she was from Italy so it was probably in her genes and nothing she could do to stop herself. Anyway, day broke at 04.01 and night fell at 23.01. Yes, and we went to see The Island this evening – what a ride! But no more of that tonight… am exhausted… shopping is such strenuous activity….

*500 kronur = $ 7.50 / 4.50 Sterling