Sometimes, I swear I should have me ‘ead examined. Went out for a run today in gale-force winds and was practically swept off my feet repeatedly – and certainly not in the best sense. Took the favoured route along the seashore and waves came crashing over the embankment, meaning that I just narrowly avoided being utterly drenched. Cripes! The things we endorphin junkies do to protect our supply, ‘tis quite shocking.


Had fantastic intentions of getting the place all Yuled-up and everything; went downstairs to the storage room and was I able to find all our Christmas decorations? Hell, no! And why not? Well, because we made the silly mistake of cleaning out our storage room a few weeks ago and now can’t find a damn thing. Before, there was organized chaos. Now, there is no chaos but, alas, no organization either.

Ok, so I exaggerate a little. But I was damn annoyed not to be able to find them ornaments ‘cause I’m a traditionalist and just a little obsessive and without them There Won’t Be No Damn Christmas!

Ok, so I exaggerate a little on that front, too.


Um. It’s windy. And the rain is comin’ down pretty damn hard. And it’s very dark. And a mild 4 degrees. And if it wasn’t for the Christmas lights and the avalanche of brochures coming through the mail slot and the smell of cookies baking you might be forgiven for forgetting the imminent onslaught of Christmas.

However, you might recall that it is a mere 16 days to the winter solstice, at which time we Nicelanders will experience a reversal of the shrinking day and begin advancing into daylight once again. In the meantime, it will get darker, and today sunrise was at 10.57, sunset at 15.39. Beat that!