SNOW!! It’s what we had this morning, everything covered by a thin layer of the white stuff. There’s always something fantastic about the first snowfall of the season, isn’t there? Particularly when it’s dark outside. Like it’s happening for the very first time ever. And you get those first twinges of Christmas spirit, lying latent like the crocuses.

It only lasted a couple of hours, though. Looking out now you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d dreamed it.


Yesterday morning, early-ish, I was quietly sitting nursing a cup of coffee and working on clearing the SAD* cobwebs from my brain. Ring! goes the phone. On the other end a very nice lady (whom I did not know) asks whether perchance I might be interested in an all-expenses paid trip to the UK to attend a conference for Nordic translators who translate things into English, courtesy of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Me: Sure. Could you hold the line a sec? (Zip, zap, Roadrunner-type of moving-fast sounds…) OK, I’m packed. When do I leave?

Now, ain’t that just the type of phone call for getting rid of SAD-type cobwebs from one’s SAD-affected brain? (SAD-ly, I think SAD is the most brilliantly succinct acronym ever invented! So please forgive the SAD puns.) Seems my pals over at Bjartur publishing put in a good word for me. Thanks guys!

Weather: Currently devoid of snow, sort of blue patches in the clouds, 2 degrees Centigrade. Air wonderfully clear and fresh. Sunrise was at 9.22 and sunset is set for 17.00. Sharp.

* Seasonal Affective Disorder. Brought on by mid-winter darkness, as per the current state of affairs.