More indispensable wisdom brought to you from the door of the YT fridge:

EPI’s daughter, ÁE, who recently returned from the UK, came over this morning bearing this trinket as a gift. It was immediately affixed to the door of the YT fridge, which as loyal Weather Report readers will know contains some of the most extraordinary morsels of wisdom known to man.

Indeed, this particular morsel of wisdom is one YT would do well to commit to memory, because in spite of showing extraordinary bravery on virtually all fronts, spiders have this uncanny ability to jolt the YT metabolism into extreme freak-out mode. Call it arachnophobia if you will if you shall if you must, but I must tell you that Icelandic spiders are possibly THE most creepy, horrible, disgusting brand of, er, arachno-creatures there is. I cannot tell you why. It’s just something about them. And unfortunately, come summer, they have this penchant for carefully stringing their webs on the outside of practically every YT window pane and then hanging there, expanding in size, until they’re so big you can see the stripes on their backs from across the room. This makes opening windows for fresh-air purposes such a treacherous affair that YT can hardly stand it. Which is one reason – and indeed the only reason – why it is a damn good thing that the Icelandic summer is so damn short.

Regular reporting was disrupted this weekend as EPI and I were childless from Friday to Sunday and were busy Doing Stuff. Yesterday it began snowing around noon, great big fluffy white flakes, until the ground was covered and the collective population of the Greater Reykjavík Area was utterly perplexed as to what season it was. For we were perfectly confident that spring had definitely sprung but alas, how wrong we were! There was still loads of white stuff on the ground this morning, but then the gorgeous sun came out and melted it all. And when I went out for a long-ish walk this afternoon [high on sugar-shock after a confirmation party this afternoon] the wind had started blowing and despite the brilliant sunshine [I have freckles on my face!] it was icy ferigging cold [on account of the windchill]. Current temps are 4°C and daybreak was at 5.48, nightfall due for 21.16.