I suppose it was inevitable. It had to happen. My teenaged daughter has gone out and bought her first pair of designer jeans.

I’m crushed.

For months – no, years – I clung to the hope that it would not come to this. AAH was always just a little above that sort of behaviour. By her own admission. She always claimed that she felt just as hip and looked just as good in a pair of jeans from Zara or Blend as in, say, outrageously-priced Levis or Diesel. And, if truth be told, looked upon this label-lust as a kind of weakness in those with less strength of character than she, herself, possessed.

Alas, pride comes before the fall. And now AAH has fallen. Bigtime. Her undoing? A pair of Diesel jeans. The damage? ISK 16,000 [that’s USD 258/EUR 200]. At least when the girl falls, she falls spectacularly.

[Incidentally, let it be known that she paid for them with her own money. YT is of the age where paying that amount of dosh for a pair of “distressed” (read: half-wrecked) trousers is just beyond ludicrous. And no, I was never young. Grr.]

Thank God the wind died down because sheesh, yesterday was a killer on the old skin! Me face was all shrivelled up and blotchy today just from going out for a little fresh air in the FREEZING COLD yesterday, but just why I am banging on about that now is a mystery because what’s past is past and what matters is the present, right? Right. So currently temps are 1°C and there is very little wind and today we had a bit of cloud and also a bit of sun so on the whole it was quite tolerable. Except that now that it’s all dry and breezy we have the problem of all those studded tires tearing up the asphalt and creating small-particle pollution that lodges in our lungs and makes deep grooves in the roads so that come summer there will be major roadworks all over the city. Isn’t it lovely that there’s always something to complain about if you put your mind to it? Daybreak today was at 7.47 and nightfall at 19.35. And soon there won’t be any daybreak or nightfall because it will be light all the time, yay!