Cripes! I have so much time on my hands that I don’t know what to do with myself. After having been snowed under with assignments for the last few weeks, everything has sort of slowed to a trickle and for the last couple of days there’s been nothing. Which is excellent, because I’ve managed to get all sorts of little odds and ends done, that had been pushed aside in the midst of all the stress.

I suspect the cause of this non-activity is that tomorrow is a holiday, meaning that lots of people are taking Friday off and making a long weekend of it. Which means they don’t feel like working for the rest of the week, either.

… Was the headline in today’s Fréttablaðið. What it really means is that UK football club Chelsea, with which Icelander Eiður Smári Guðjohnsen is a player, lost a game against Liverpool last night, obliterating their chances at the finals. It always cracks me up that the Icelandic press makes it sound like Eiður Smári is Chelsea. Like there’s nobody but Eiður Smári in Chelsea.

Incidentally, I have very limited interest in football [soccer if you speak American] and will never as long as I live fathom the intense involvement that, say, EPI enters into with such reckless abandon when watching a game. [You know springing to his feet like a Jack-in-the-box: ‘Nonononono… gasp…gasp… YESSSS!!’ – all with the requisite fists-flying-into-the-air, etc.] And, y’know, today I’m thinking that’s a Very Good Thing, because according to, one out of every five Danish computers is now infected with a virus that has spread by promising the recipient tickets to the World Championships in 2006. D’oh!

Pity the poor group of Norwegians, who had planned on taking a little sail with the Smyril Line ferry [connecting Iceland-Faroe Islands-Shetland Islands-Denmark-Norway] last weekend. As they were about to get off in their home town of Bergen they were told that the ferry had already left the dock and they were on their way to Iceland. They were unable to get off in the Shetlands because they didn’t have their passports with them, and rather than hop off in the Faroes, they decided to make the full journey here.

The report didn’t say what they did when they got here, but I know if it was me I’d have gone straight out and bought a toothbrush and some clean underwear.

[Can you tell I’m struggling to find things to write about? That I’m grasping at straws inside my cavern of a brain right now? No? OK, well I don’t believe you.]

A flock of around 30 Arctic terns has just arrived out at the golf course, according to the website. For those of you who don’t know, the Arctic tern comes all the way from Antarctica [I don’t know how they make it all this way, it’s a complete mystery] and it is easily the most annoying, aggressive bird there is. What this really means is that my long, easy, leisurely strolls around the golf course are OVER because soon there will be flocks of Arctic terns screeching and dive-bombing upon my head. Seriously, you need to wear a helmet to adequately protect yourself from the damn things, particularly during nesting season. Bah!

We have weather, and this morning it was yucky, overcast, drops of rain, blustery winds from the north. Which of course did not stop our YT from going out running, however, die-hard that I am. Right now, though, the sun is shining brilliantly in the sky and I could be fooled into thinking it was summer if there wasn’t still a cool wind. Temps currently 7°Celsius and daybreak was at 03.36, nightfall will be at 23.17.