Props to all who rose to the challenge and attempted yesterday’s translation. Very commendable and infinitely entertaining for… me. And now without further ado, we give you the correct answers:

Bömmer – bummer. As in: Ég er á ógeðslega miklum bömmer mar.
Meika sens – make sense. Þetta er ekki að meika sens fyrir mér, sko.
Fokk – fuck. Þetta fokking meikar ekki sens!
Kræst – Christ. Kræst, þetta fokking meikar enganvegin sens!
Fríkað – Freaky. Þetta er ógeðslega fríkað lúkk mar.
Dömpa – To dump [as in to dump your problems on someone. Tsk to those who thought I was offering toilet humour]. Hún er alltaf að dömpa sínum vandamálum á mig mar.
Stöffa – To stuff something somewhere: Stöffaðu þessu bara inn í hornið!
Kreisí – Crazy. Þetta er algjörlega kreisí hugmynd mar!
Sjitt – Shit. Sjitturinn!
Bögg – To bug someone. Djö, hann er alltaf að bögga mig meðessu.
Deit – Date. Bróðir minn er að deita algjöra gellu.
Sánd – Sound. Ógesslega flott sánd mar.
Djók – Joke. Adolescents end just about every utterance with this because they can’t bear to lose face. Djók!
Sjokk – Shock. Fékk algjört sjokk í gær mar, missti gemsann í klósettið.
Plís – Please. Used by adolescents for whining. Plíííííís!!

There are lots lots more, but I think that if I keep writing them down I’m going to start thinking and speaking like a 14 year old, and we already have one of those around the house thankyouverymuch.

Um. Windy and sort of cold, but then I’ve got the chills so everything feels cold right now. Spent the day cooped up indoors in a hotel conference room so missed out on daylight ops today. Which may account for my bedraggled state this evening. We have temps of 4°C and sunrise was at 10.03 and sunset at 16.22. Incidentally! The Vesturbæjarlaug swimming pool’s gone all progressive on my ass and installed daylight simulator lights. May just have to make the short journey over there to imbibe some light very soon. But not tonight. [They’re closed anyway.]